John Goodwin

John Goodwin – Builder / Solver
Pursuing a life that impacts a billion more through intelligent software solutions
9650 Strickland Rd #103-103, Raleigh, NC 27615
Seeking projects and teams that allow me to work on machine learning / artificial intelligence solutions to help impact a billion lives in meaningful ways.
Software Architect
Mar 2017 – Present
Metabolon, Inc – Durham, NC
  • Evaluate existing software stack, reconcile against current and future needs to recommend appropriate architectures.
  • Balance recommendations against Time to Market, Total Cost of Ownership and Complexity/Risk
  • Collaborate with related team members for how software architecture integrates with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, automated testing, production deployments, orchestration, monitoring/instrumentation, and Data Architecture and modeling.
  • Cooperate with IT staff to model out a path for choosing vertical/horizontal scaling, cloud/hybrid/in-house hosting balance, equipment/upkeep/licensing costs that best meet company needs for growth without exploding demands on IT manpower.
  • Provide training and mentoring for team members where appropriate
  • Provide concrete examples illustrating designs and patterns to be followed
  • Model proposed designs and service relationships, load test, and failover testing to increase confidence
Senior Architect
Dec 2014 – Feb 2017
Acupera, Inc – Morrisville, NC
  • Collaborate on addition of new physician driven workflows to improve efficiency of hospital staff.
  • Make recommendations and implement improvements to architecture.
  • Encourage others and provide leadership on difficult topics like the continous needs to reduce technical debt.
Senior Software Developer
Dec 2011 – Dec 2014
Brightree, LLC – Morrisville, NC
  • Project lead for multiple teams architecting and engineering mobile post-acute healthcare application in native iOS using Xamarin.
  • Collaborate on design and creation of HTML 5 based mobile HIPAA compliant communication application for Android, and Apple IOS.
  • Provide ground-up designs, and development of healthcare data driven tasks for clinical personnel.
  • Analyze client healthcare data, and application designs to provide two, or more orders of magnitude improvements.
  • Create and teach developer learning sessions to improve developer productivity, and efficiency.
  • Streamline development of junior developers by assisting in advanced topics not yet mastered.
  • Improve developer efficiencies by reducing project build times, and suggesting hardware changes with high return on investment.
  • Participate in vital company vision decisions such as data synchronization strategies for mobile applications.
Contract SSIS Developer
Mar 2010 – Dec 2014
InsideTrack – Telecommute
  • Extract, Transform, and Load data from business partners as per specified requirements.
  • Planning, proposal, code/logic review, and successfully implementation new ETL strategy to reduce run time of one job from over 3 hours to under 2 minutes.
  • Identify and implement solutions to allow wide variety of source file formats: csv, xls, xlsx, and web services.
  • Write CLR extensions to SQL Server 2005 to allow leverage of .NET framework in transformations.
  • Add secure communications to business partners who require SSH using open source tools.
  • Suggest money/time saving strategies as appropriate. Identify risk factors in specifications and provide NTE quotations.
Contract Software Developer
Sep 2004 – Dec 2011
City of Los Angeles, Telecommute
  • Create, design, deploy, document, create training videos for cross-database .NET group by roll-up report with drilldown, export to PDF, export to Excel, saving report snapshots, sending reports to others in interactive mode, re-running reports using the criteria from the existing report output, utilize standards such as XML for storing report snapshots, and roll-up data.
  • Connecting disconnected systems through use of strategies such as page scraping, browserless http gets/posts, ftp, export files, scheduled tasks, and transformation logic.
  • Migration of modified Fusebox 2 applications to Fusebox 4 in ColdFusion.
  • Leveraging Apache Struts 2, Hibernate, and GWT applications in Java for tracking and reporting materials and labor costs.
  • Implementing, planning, and training of source control software using Subversion. Previous to my initiative, no source control software was used on site.
  • Development of .NET business components exposed with a COM interface using COM interop for use in ColdFusion processing.
  • Determining deployment strategies for COM components, and upgrade considerations.
  • Planning, architecting, and implementing new functionality in ASP .NET, while maintaining seamless user experience with existing ColdFusion application.
  • Upgrading inline SQL statements to use centralized stored procedures in Oracle 9i.
  • Continuing support, and new feature development as new requirements arrive from users for Labor * Cost Accounting application.
  • Optimization of database activity to improve performance for reports against tables with 300k-3M+ records
  • Generic database development to allow database interchangeability.
Board of Directors, Chairman
Jun 2008 – Jul 2010
Lake Royale Property Owners Association – Louisburg, NC
  • Acting as project manager for new gate house project, I helped co-ordinate efforts from volunteers, solicit bids from contractors, and made the proposal which was developed.
  • Working with staff, and volunteers, together, we saved 50% of expected expenditures on new server equipment, and installed a new document management solution (Laserfiche).
  • Together with my wife and other key volunteers, coordinated the most successful clean-up day in the history of Lake Royale.
  • Association received two of recent four consecutive Large Scale Property Owner’s Association of the Year awards from Carolina Association Institute during my time on the board as Chairman, and one during my time as vice chairman the prior year.
  • Together with others, coordinated what was related to me as the most organized and successful annual meeting so far.
  • Participated in exploratory field trip to another association in Virginia to help reduce wasted expenditures on upcoming solutions.
Senior Software Developer
Apr 2004 – Aug 2004
Technology Innovations, Inc – Simi Valley, CA
  • Developing RMA process to reduce paperwork, and to ease communications between Cerwin-Vega! & KRK Systems with TII. Web based solution utilizing ASP .NET in C# and SQL Server 2000 with stored procedures.
  • Problem solving numerous critical business operational breakdowns and applying emergency fixes for projects involving ASP .NET in C#, SQL Server 2000, Access 2000, EDI, Visual FoxPro 8.x, unrecoverable passwords, to name a few.
  • Maintenance for eBay related software written in ASP .NET in C#, SQL Server 2000, console C# applications, and NT System service C# applications.
  • Proactive problem solving for employees with updates to internal software assisting in time consuming, and tedious internal operations wasting valuable company resources. Example: updated existing software to include a way to bring in all items by receiving number where previously scanning each item was necessary, and additionally provided access to bulk “sign off” on finished items where individual data-entry was not appropriate.
Technology Specialist
Jan 2004 – May 2004
McGill Barnes, Inc – Lancaster, CA
  • Recommended Microsoft Licensing programs to balance the need for proper licensing of used products and cost.
  • Researched, proposed, and implemented anti-virus security measures to protect valuable company assets from damage or mal-configuration
  • Provided emergency Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook) lessons to students while the company sought a permanent replacement. Several students expressed strong interest in re-taking material under my direction.
Lead Software Developer (3+ yrs)
Sep 1998 – Jul 2003
Cyberspace Headquarters, LLC – Canoga Park, CA
  • Led in-house development team for 3 versions of AddWeb, the top selling Website Promotion software (3 years in a row 2001, 2002, 2003 NPD Intellect Reports), which sold via the Internet, and popular retail stores: Best Buy, CompUSA, Staples, Fry’s Electronics, and others. Creation of AddWeb utilized Delphi 3-7, in-house developed attractive visual components, report generation system allowing for report templates, complex HTTP queue processing engines, script enabled page parsing, embedded Internet Explorer development, DHTML, DOM, javascript, custom developed embedded updating system to upgrade customer software & data files, convenient & effective anti-piracy measures utilizing SQL Server and Cold Fusion, and client side tools to allow customer extension of marketing resources.
  • Led in-house development team for award winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, which won the coveted Best in eBusiness category award at COMDEX 2001. Using our own product cut support costs ~50%, reduced turn around time, and increased customer satisfaction. ServiceTraq technologies included Cold Fusion 4.x & 5.x, SQL Server 7.x & 2000 (stored procedures, full text indexing, indexes, dynamic queries), ActiveX forms through Delphi 7, ASP 3.x, javascript, cascading style sheets, SoundEX, and TCP/IP based XML-like chat implemented as an NT system service. Utilizing these we output top shelf CRM software integrating knowledge base, customer communication (through email, phone, or online chat), surveys, case surveys, exit surveys, extensive survey reporting, abundant customization features, data backup, system privileges, service rep proficiency case routing, and numerous other features.
  • Observed custom version of CRM application implemented for online gaming company which reaped massive benefits during beta release when 2300+ online users simultaneously sought technical support.
  • Applied leadership and technical skills creating new web site statistics application which received over 1 million hits/day. Special care was taken to maintain high uptime, optimal responsiveness, and still yield important live reporting to users of statistics application.
  • Planned and executed web site statistics server resources migration from east coast to west coast with less than 60 seconds downtime, including provisions for cached DNS problems.
  • Managed two outsourced programming teams for several key projects
  • Managed prompt creation of new updates to AddWeb, including testing, and releasing. Implemented new and necessary source control practices, which were previously unused. Used Visual Sourcesafe 6.x.
  • Designed and executed plan to migrate server resources from the east coast to the west coast with virtually no downtime on a server receiving approximately one million transactions per day at the time.
  • Capitalized on my expert knowledge of Windows based operating systems, 9x/ME, NT4/2000/XP to reduce development time, and maintain superior integration with system functionality.
Software Developer (1+ yrs)
Sep 1998 – Jul 2003
Cyberspace Headquarters, LLC – Canoga Park, CA
  • Co-authored AddWeb 3, including innovative technologies:
    • In-program automatic updating mechanisms
    • Low-overhead proprietary database format
    • Customizable report generation system
    • Utilization of script mechanism for areas that needed flexible, yet powerful abilities
  • Developed Meta Tag editing software, which sold online and via retail stores
Coursera Machine Learning Certificate of Completion
Stanford Online
Coursera Functional Programming Principles in Scala Certificate of Completion
Xamarin Mobile Application Development for iOS
ISBN13: 9781783559183
Preprint Reviewer
Learning Xamarin Studio
ISBN13: 9781783550814
Preprint Reviewer

“John is a charismatic software engineer. He’s extremely dedicated, passionate and driven. During his time at CareAnyware and now at Brightree he has shown tremendous zeal and enthusiasm in taking on difficult projects, solving tricky and complex problems with ease. He’s also been an inspiring and motivating leader in his team. He is one person I would always want to have on my team.”

Saurabh Soni, Engineering Manager, Brightree

“Goodwin’s attitude makes a world of difference to a user experience person – start with what the users want and we’ll find a way to get it done. The attitude quickly turns into well-architected solutions. I’m so glad to work with him.”

Mona Singh, User Experience Consultant, Semiotic Designs

“John is a superb developer, the kind that takes great pride in efficient, robust even elegant code. He is happy to share his knowledge and does a great job mentoring and teaching other developers. Besides his impressive technical talent, John is simply a really nice guy. He has a great positive attitude that does wonders for team morale.”

Elsie Qureshi, Senior Software Engineer, CareAnyware

“You are wonderful!”
Sheree Kerner, President, Bailey Link

“I had the pleasure of hiring John at InsideTrack for some contract SSIS work. Working with John on development was a breeze – he is able to take business requirements and develop highly efficient solutions around them as well as refine existing ones.”

Alex Feigenson, IT Manager/Systems Administrator, InsideTrack

ColdFusion 3.0-5.0
Delphi 3-7
SQL Server 7-2016