The following is copied from the Genuine Microsoft Software Download FAQ

Information collected during validation

Q: What information is collected from my computer?

A: The genuine validation process will collect information about your system to determine if your Microsoft software is genuine. The validation tools do not collect your name, address, e-mail address, or any other information that Microsoft will use to identify you or contact you. The tools collect such information as:

  • Computer make and model
  • Version information for the operating system and software using Genuine Advantage
  • Region and language setting
  • A unique number assigned to your computer by the tools (Globally Unique Identifier or GUID)
  • Product ID and product key
  • BIOS name, revision number, and revision date
  • Volume serial number
  • Office product key (if validating Office)

In addition to the configuration information above, status information such as the following is also transferred:

  • Whether the installation was successful
  • The result of the validation check

As standard procedure, your Internet Protocol (IP) address is temporarily logged when your computer connects to a genuine validation website or server. These logs are routinely deleted.

Q: How does Microsoft use this information?

A: We use the information to:

  • Help prevent improperly licensed use of the software.
  • Improve our software and services.
  • Develop aggregate statistics.

We may also share aggregate data with others, such as hardware and software vendors and volume licensees to help protect their license keys.

To learn more about Microsoft Genuine Advantage Privacy Policy, visit

So, if you’ve ever wondered what information they collect for WGA, wonder no longer.

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