Woke up a bit lazy this morning. Sleep was a bit broken. I felt some minor pain in my lower back near my kidneys. Nothing alarming, though.

Wasn't that hungry, overall.

Went to the gym:

  • 3x10 @ 100lbs seated rows
  • 30 min @ 6mph average on treadmill
  • 3x10 weighted twists (sort of like swinging a baseball bat)
  • 2x10 or so leg lifts
  • Weight - 156.8lbs

Told a few people about my water fast. Mostly they thought I was crazy.

Split a nuun tablet with my wife to replenish some electrolytes.

Laid in bed and watched some Netflix for a few hours.

Mounted breaker box near my Tesla Home Charger. Seems to be working.

Amazing how much time you have in a day when you don't eat.

Got my blog working on netlify.

A few folks asked me to keep a journal. Among the things they asked me to monitor:

  • Impact of hunger
  • Energy/Concentration levels
  • Sleep quality/quantity & sleepiness
  • Waking/Pre-Sleep disposition
  • Accomplishments
  • Interpersonal interactions