Woke up to the alarm. Ugh. Made the mistake of planning my breaking fast meal a little too intently, which kept me up thinking about it.

Wasn't that hungry in the morning.

Split a nuun tablet with my wife for breakfast.

Went to the gym:

  • ~30 min walking
  • Weight - 155.4lbs

Worked 8+ hrs. After stand up, cleaned up some misc tasks. Spent some additional time planning the next sprint w/ my teammate through about 2pm. Worked on a bug until EoD - almost finished it.

Leaving work, my wife asked if I wanted to go to Home Depot to pick up some stuff - not really. I was feeling a bit weak this day (probably contributing from lack of sleep). Drive home felt especially long and traffic crawled - took about 40 mins.

Stopped for some S. Pelligrino. Figured the minerals in the water would be good.

Laid in bed and watched some Netflix for about 15 mins, plus took a nap.

Split a nuun tablet with my wife in the evening.

Had a low level of hunger most of the day. Not bad, but it was slightly persistent. I think I was hungriest today, so far.

A few folks asked me to keep a journal. Among the things they asked me to monitor:

  • Impact of hunger
  • Energy/Concentration levels
  • Sleep quality/quantity & sleepiness
  • Waking/Pre-Sleep disposition
  • Accomplishments
  • Interpersonal interactions