Woke up about half an hour before the alarm.

Was a little bit hungry all day, but not unbearable.

Split a nuun tablet with my wife for breakfast in mineral water.

Went to the gym:

  • ~30 min walking
  • Weight - 153lbs

A few folks talked with me. A couple of my workout buddies poked a bit of fun at how slow I was moving compared to normal. It probably is a bit funny.

Worked 8+ hrs.

Finished my bug from yesterday and worked on some environment issues w/ the OpenShift cluster. We resolved a good number of the issues. Started on a feature improvement, but didn't quite finish. Helped a coworker with a GitHub API issue. Apparently the R devtools::install can end up invoking the GitHub API and use up your credits against your IP. Since he was iterating over an issue, 60 per time block (I assume it's about an hour) ended up using it all and he contacted a teammate for help. We went to see the issue, somewhat in disbelief. A while after we got there, it seems the time had already passed, so he was good to go. Helped him with another issue which was just a copy/paste error.

Went to the chiropractor. Mostly uneventful there. Drive to his office took a considerably long time.

Split a nuun tablet with my wife in the evening in more mineral water.

I can tell I am a bit lethargic, but overall, if I make sure to focus on well defined goals, it seems to go well. I used to be this or more tired when I did a lot of part time contracting in the evenings.

A few folks asked me to keep a journal. Among the things they asked me to monitor:

  • Impact of hunger
  • Energy/Concentration levels
  • Sleep quality/quantity & sleepiness
  • Waking/Pre-Sleep disposition
  • Accomplishments
  • Interpersonal interactions