Woke up to the alarm. Wasn't that hungry all day, even though I watched several people eating what looked like tasty food.

Split a nuun tablet with my wife for breakfast.

Went to the gym:

  • ~30 min walking
  • Weight - 151.6lbs

Worked 8+ hrs. The A/C for the shared office I sit in tends to blow for hours. I broke down and upped the temperature (although I'm not sure if it actually works). Usually, I can do things like go running outside in freezing weather and not get cold, but having such a caloric deficit must be causing me to generate less heat.

Finished several small improvements and engaged with folks. I think I did fine even though I had a light fog most of the day.

A coworker who found out I did this fast said he was encouraged to try it for himself (perhaps next month) to see if it would be beneficial.

Split a nuun tablet with my wife in the evening.

Signed up for the first course of this micromasters: https://www.edx.org/micromasters/mitx-statistics-and-data-science

I am 10 days behind when it started, so I will need to catch up this weekend.

A few folks asked me to keep a journal. Among the things they asked me to monitor:

  • Impact of hunger
  • Energy/Concentration levels
  • Sleep quality/quantity & sleepiness
  • Waking/Pre-Sleep disposition
  • Accomplishments
  • Interpersonal interactions